Multiresonant correction of psychovegetative disorders in the elderly

Multiresonant correction of psychovegetative disorders in the elderly

AUTHORS : Bobrovskaya A.N. | Efankina O.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Clinical Hospital No. 83 of the Federal Directorate of Biomedical and Extreme Problems at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, polyclinic No. 167, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2000 | Category : Method of treatment

As the average life expectancy of the population increases, it becomes necessary to study the physiological characteristics of aging of the body and find ways to adequately restore health and maintain it at an optimal level. Aging is not a disease, but a biologically programmed developmental process of the human body that ultimately leads to natural death. Signs of aging appear gradually, the line between individual age periods is blurred. Often, against the background of relative health in old people, there is a clinic of dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system with severe psychosomatic symptoms.

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