ACUVISION – a new visualization solution for acupuncture points

ACUVISION – a new visualization solution for acupuncture points

AUTHORS : Avakyan R. | Teppone M. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : “Koloyaro-2000”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1999 | Category : Educational

All known methods for identifying acupuncture points (TA) and determining their functional activity are based on the contact measurement of various biophysical parameters of the skin in the TA region (Y. Nacatani, 1950; R. Voll, 1953, etc.). As a rule, this requires prior knowledge of the localization of points, and the measurement results depend on a number of subjective and objective factors. “AcuVision” electropuncture. combines the effects of franklinization devices and a grounded biological object is placed in electrostatic field of high-voltage corona discharge, which “flows down” to the points of minimum electrical resistance on the surface of the biological object.

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