What is activation medicine?

What is activation medicine?

AUTHORS : Kvakina E.B. | Harkavi L.Kh. | Kuzmenko T.S.

YEAR : 1999 | Category : Educational

New medicine, alternative to the old one, is gaining momentum more and more. We are witnessing a paradigm shift that is, according to Thomas Kuhn, – scientific revolution. This is not as scary as the political revolution, since the insurgents are armed not with bombs and guns, but with homeopathic medicines (even with constitutional drugs of high potency), bioresonance devices (of the highest class), nosodes, herbs, etc. But the strength and energy charge in these means is no less than in weapons. And the more these remedies are improved, the greater their strength, and we observe the phenomenon of an increase in the power of alternative medicine, not even year after year, but season after season.

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