Induced information pathologies: diagnostics and correction

Induced information pathologies: diagnostics and correction

AUTHORS : Fedotov D.S. | Ozhigova T.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center for Alternative Medicine “Veles-2000”, Tomsk
YEAR : 1999 | Category : Educational

Since ancient times, people have known various ways of negatively affecting their own kind, such as: evil eye, damage, curse, libel, love spell, lapel, etc. For our ancestors, all these actions, as well as the result (illness, misfortune, failure, madness, etc.), were quite real, therefore, naturally, methods of neutralizing such influences were also worked out, sometimes very effective. But the trouble is that over several decades of atheism and obscurantism, a lot of this knowledge and experience turned out to be lost, scattered and incomplete, having lost a significant part of its healing power, but negative energy-informational matrices, on the contrary, have largely survived and even multiplied.

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