Diagnostic value of Intox preparations

Diagnostic value of Intox preparations

AUTHORS : Fedotov D.S. | Ozhigova T.V. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center for Alternative Medicine “Veles-2000”, Tomsk, Russia
YEAR : 1999 | Category : Educational

Two years ago we got a diagnostic and therapeutic cassette “Meridians, Chakras, Colors” with very unusual and effective drugs and complexes. The methodological manual attached to it contains mainly information on the therapeutic use of complex drugs and practically does not decipher the meaning of diagnostic drugs. Meanwhile, the cassette contains, among others, three very curious preparations: the so-called Intox 1 (Chromium D400), Intox 2 (Chromium D30 / 60/400), Intox 3 (Chromium D60 / 400/800). From the methodological manual, one can only find out that these drugs are used in the method of autonomic resonance testing (ART) to determine the type of intoxication – substantial (Intox 1), acquired toxic information (Intox 2) and congenital toxic information (Intox 3).

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