Features of logical constructions in diagnostics using the “IMEDISTEST”

Features of logical constructions in diagnostics using the “IMEDISTEST”

AUTHORS : Bravo O.S. | Zhelezov E.G. | Fonin A.E.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : BRT polyclinic “Evolution”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1999 | Category : Educational

Method affordable, Voll’s diagnostics for a long time remained the only simple and convenient way of express diagnostics functional state of the body. But it must be remembered that Voll developed it for testing aimed at a healthy or compensated organism. The emergence of the vegetative resonance test (ART) “IMEDIS-TEST” has significantly expanded the capabilities of the diagnostician. In addition to precision diagnostics, “IMEDISTEST” makes it possible to reveal a hidden focus of pathology, because uses the method of functional loading, which has proven itself in classical medicine.

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