From the experience of the medical salon “HARMONY”

From the experience of the medical salon “HARMONY”

AUTHORS : Kolganov I.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Novovoronezh, Russia
YEAR : 1999 | Category : Experience

The medical salon “Harmony” has existed for exactly 2 years and has been using methods of electropunctural diagnostics according to R. Voll, bioresonance therapy, and during the last year – the method of vegetative resonance test “IMEDIS-TEST”. Over the past 12 years of my professional work in medicine, for the first time I really felt like a doctor, fell in love with my profession after I met the IMEDIS center and its staff headed by Yu.V. Gotovsky, where he acquired that invaluable baggage of knowledge that helps to think, navigate what and how is happening around and within us.

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