Microgeneration informotherapy of nocturnal enuresis

Microgeneration informotherapy of nocturnal enuresis

AUTHORS : Kobylyanskaya R.N. | Kobylyansky V. Ya. | Fedoryuk A.A.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Medical and diagnostic center “Infatep”, medical school named after I.Ya. Franco, Kolomyia, Ukraine
YEAR : 1998  | Category : Educational

The paper summarizes the results of examination and treatment of 63 patients, including 37 boys and 26 girls, for nocturnal enuresis (NE). The functional state of information channels (IC) was determined in all patients by the method of electropunctural nformodiagnostics. The total electrical conductivity (OEC), as well as indicators of the functional state of biologically active points (BAP) were measured using 20 information channels.

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