Experience of Voll’s office in a general hospital

Experience of Voll’s office in a general hospital

AUTHORS : Semenov V.S. | Yakovlev A.P. | Nekrasov Yu. L. | Demichev A.V. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Regional hospital, Orel, Russia
YEAR : 1998  | Category : Experience

A room for acupuncture diagnostics and therapy by the method of R. Voll was opened in the Oryol regional hospital in March 1996. It is equipped with a Pentium-120 computer with an IMEDISFOLL hardware and software complex. Patients are being received by doctors in two shifts. The office was created for additional in-depth examination of inpatients. Patients who are difficult to diagnose by conventional research methods are sent here. Using the Voll method, it is possible to decipher unclear, clinically difficult cases, and carry out differential diagnostics.

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