Structural resonance (contact) and electromagnetic (non-contact) stimulation

Structural resonance (contact) and electromagnetic (non-contact) stimulation

AUTHORS : Blinkov I.L.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : MMA named after I.M.Sechenov, laboratory of clinical pharmacology, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1996  | Category : Method of treatment

Special works clearly substantiate the hypothesis that all subjects of living matter evolved as a result of the selection of singular wave-like systems functioning in accordance with the setting rhythms of the cosmos (A.L. Chizhevsky, A.T. Winfrey and many others) . These rhythms of external energy dominate not only in the evolution of living things, but also in ontogenesis – starting with the fertilization episode, then at the stage of embryonic development and in adulthood, modulating the morphogenetic field that determines the structure of tissues and organs based on the genotype under the influence of informational induction of the universal autowave process (M.S.Gilyarov) .

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