The use of bioresonance therapy in a multidisciplinary clinical hospital

The use of Bioresonance Therapy in a Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital

AUTHORS : Bobrovskaya A.N. | Aleshina T.V. | Matveev G.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Clinical Hospital No. 83 of the Federal Directorate of Biomedical and Extreme Problems at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation; chief physician G.N. Matveev, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1995  | Category : Research

Of practical interest are new ways of approaching the treatment of patients using the physiological capabilities of organs and the whole organism, aimed at activating the processes of self-healing of the functional systems of the patient’s body. For this purpose, homeopathy, acupuncture and bioresonance therapy proposed by Morrell can be used .

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