Methodological aspects of bioresonance therapy

Methodological aspects of bioresonance therapy

AUTHORS : Makhonkina L.B.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center for Intelligent Medical Systems “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1995  | Category : Method of treatment

The considerations, materials and conclusions presented in the report were formed in the course of daily medical research work and as a result of the analysis of the work of other doctors involved in bioresonance therapy (BRT) . To date, there is a fairly definite impression of the differences in the conduct of BRT in different categories of patients. By “different categories” we mean not only and not so much patients with different nosologies, but also patients with different adaptive reserves . If the adaptive capabilities of the patient (s) are at a sufficiently good level, then, as a rule, both I, II, and III, and, moreover, IV strategy will be effective .

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