Choosing a bioresonance therapy strategy

Choosing a bioresonance therapy strategy

AUTHORS : Gotovsky Yu.V.Mkhitaryan K.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center for Intelligent Medical Systems “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1995  | Category : Method of treatment

The human body is viewed as a hierarchy of mutually supportive and mutually competing homeostatic systems with different target functions . Depending on the choice of the homeostatic system and the model of their dysfunction, one or another concept of the disease in systemic medicine is obtained . Each such model corresponds to its own strategy of bioresonance therapy (BRT), i.e., the choice of a specific method of bioresonance exposure (BRT) depending on the criterion of the goal, ways to achieve it (with minimal energy costs) and assess the state of the body .

The basis for the possibility of correlating disease development models and BRT strategies is based on the following principles :

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